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Saturday, 3 February 2018

10 Tips To Having A Productive Day

Everyone feels as though they just can’t squeeze enough out of the day. You hit 10pm and wonder, “Where has the time gone?” If you feel like you don’t get enough done every day, you’re not alone. Here are 10 tips that will help you have a productive day, every day.
  1. Create A Morning Routine
The best way to get started is to have a good morning routine. This will look different for everyone, but no matter what it looks like, it should work for you. A good way to start is to set your alarm to the same time every day. Eat a good, healthy breakfast, and leave yourself lots of time to get ready for the day ahead.
  1. List Out Your Day
Every day, you’ll have something you’ll need to get done. Creating a to do list can help you get there. “The best way to write a to do list is to write your three most important goals on the top of the page” says professional time manager Abigail Peters from UK Top Writers. “No matter what you do today, make sure that those three tasks are accomplished.” If you do this regularly, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment.
  1. One Thing At A Time
Sometimes you’ll feel as you can get nothing done, as there’s so much to do at once. When you feel this way, the best thing to do is to focus on one thing at a time. Pick one item on your to do list, and follow it through. Complete that task, and then find another one that needs to be completed. If you follow this cycle, you’ll be able to get a lot done during the day.
  1. Make Appointments With Yourself
You know when you make an appointment with someone, you clear your diary for them? You do it so you’ll have no interruptions when you’re meeting that person. Try doing this for yourself, too. Block off some time just for yourself, where you can focus on whatever it is that you need to do, with no interruptions.
  1. Use Online Time Management Tools
The internet is a wonderful place, and you’ll find that there’s lots of tools available to you if you need some help managing your time. Here’s some suggestions to get you started:
  • Week Plan: This site offers a free weekly planner that you can take advantage of.
  • Grammarix: This tool is a great way to write good emails and save time.
  • Trello: Collaborate with others through tool, which is an effective and time saving way of doing so.
  • Elite Assignment Help: Outsource your daily writing tasks to this service.
  • State Of Writing: This business writing tool can help you out a lot.
  • Huffington Post: This article is all about time saving services you can use.
  1. Take Breaks
It sounds counterproductive to take breaks when you’re trying to fit more in, but it should be done. If you try and power through, getting everything done with no breaks at all, you’ll reach burnout quickly. Instead, use the Pomodoro technique. For every 25 minutes of work, take 5 minutes to recharge. You’ll get a lot more done this way.
  1. Look At How You Use Your Time
You think that you don’t have a lot of time, but in fact you’ll have more than you’d think. “Try using an app that asks you to log your time” says business coach Rebecca Davies from Revieweal. “You’ll see the chunks of time that you could be using more effectively almost right away.”
  1. Make Yourself Unavailable
If you’re busy, having notifications pinging on your phone or screen can be very distracting. When you’re deep in a task, try turning off all non essential notifications. Come back to them when they’re done, as they won’t be going anywhere. Your notifications aren’t as important as they appear to be, so give yourself some space.
  1. Have An End Of Day Routine
Just as you have a routine to start your day, you need one to finish with. Clear your inbox ready for tomorrow, write a list of everything that needs to get done the next day, and clear off your desk. Again, this will look slightly different for everyone, but the goal is to get yourself ready for the next day, before you finish up.
  1. Reflect On The Day
When the day is over, reflect on the day itself. How did you do? Did you achieve everything on your list? Did you avoid distractions? Use a journal to keep track, and learn from any mistakes that you make.
These ten tips will help you squeeze the most out of your day, without feeling stressed or run down. Give them a try for yourself and you’ll see the difference they make.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Rachel Summers is an experienced writer living and working in the UK. She works as a journalist specialising in education, including Student Writing Services, as she has a passion for helping students get the most out of their years in school. Her writing focuses on tips for making school easier for people who are studying, and tools that can help them get the assistance they need. 
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Lloyd JM Nunag from the Philippines now a member of Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights!

We have a heart-warming note from Lloyd JM Nunag all the way from the Philippines! He has just been selected as an official member of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR). Among other benefits, Lloyd will be flying to Bucharest, Romania for the YCSRR Annual General Meeting.

Read his note below:
Hi Opportunity Desk Team! 
It is with superior happiness I'm writing you this letter! I am very thankful that I always follow your page and look into some wonderful opportunities that would best fit my passion and interests. Now, I am an official member of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (! Thanks to your post regarding the YCSRR membership opening! (You can see my profile here
This coming July 31- Aug 7 will be our Annual General Meeting and I will be flying to Bucharest, Romania! I am so excited about this work and I wanted you to know that the whole Opportunity Desk team is  part of this wonderful journey! 
Keep up the good work! You have a very important role in the creation of positive change-makers of this generation! 
Much love from the Philippines,
Congratulations, Lloyd and all the best from all of us at Opportunity Desk.
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Monday, 20 June 2016

Duha Elmardi selected for Atlas Corps Fellowship Class 21 - Writes In from D.C.!

Opportunity Desk is pleased to receive a note from one of our users, Duha Elmardi from Sudan. She has just been selected for the Atlas Corps Fellowship and has written in from Washington DC to share her story and journey so far as a Fellow.

Read below and be inspired to apply for the Atlas Corps Fellowship.
When I first heard about Atlas Corps, a few years back at Opportunity Desk, with a post saying apply and serve in the United states for a year, I thought that this could be a good chance for something new! I clicked into the links of the websites and I was taken into the world of Atlas Corps, what it really is and how it works.
I was very impressed with the idea of a global network of emerging leaders from all over the world, coming together to share experiences and learn from each other and others and truly change their perspectives. And Atlas Corps’s wide network of host organizations ranging from Ashoka to World Vision to Human Rights Campaign really inspired me to apply and be involved with this fellowship that polishes world leaders and gives them the connection and skills they need to go back and contribute to their communities positively. 
I went through an online application process, got shortlisted and then went through an interview and an online english language proficiency test and waited for a few years for a yes, since the fellowship has a very low acceptance rate of 2%. I got contacted this January and got informed that DC SCORES, one of Atlas Corps’s host organizations is interested to have me as a development fellow. That was one of the happiest moments for me as I felt the sense of accomplishment into becoming a part of this prestigious program. I underwent a few interviews by the host organization and got my dates set, I arrived in the United States in May 2016 as a Class 21 Atlas Corps Fellow. And the experience so far is very fruitful, new friends, wide networks and amazing events and programs to be a part of.  
I recommend this fellowship for any professionals working in nonprofits and civil society and hoping to make the world a better place. Big thanks to Opportunity Desk (OD) for providing me the opportunity to be an Atlas Corps Fellow."
Find out more about Atlas Corps here.
Best wishes, Duha! From all of us at Opportunity Desk.
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Friday, 8 April 2016

Tips from Matthew de la Hey, a Mandela Rhodes Scholarship Winner!

We recently featured the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship on our Opportunity Desk. To inspire potential applicants, we got in touch with Matthew de la Hey, a past winner of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship to share his experience and leave you with a few tips.

Matthew de la Hey is a Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholar. He has a Bachelor of Accounting Honours (2012) and is the CEO and co-founder of, an on-demand jobs platform in London.

Read his note below:

"The Mandela Rhodes scholarship programme is an extraordinary grouping of remarkable young Africans with a variety of skills, interests and points of view. Applicants would do well to present themselves as authentically as possible, in their paper applications and ultimately to the selection panel.

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship was a wonderful opportunity to meet young, smart, driven people from all over the continent, in addition to various inspiring friends and benefactors of the foundation.

The scholarship workshops are a valuable resource, in addition, of course, to the generous provisions made for the pursuit of further education."

About the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarships Programme is a combination of financial support for postgraduate studies and a high-quality leadership development programme, with the intention to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa. These scholarships are open to African students who intend to study at one of the numerous South African universities and higher institutions.

The central purpose of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa (whilst also seeking to foster better reconciliation and entrepreneurship) through its various programmes and, to this end, aims to be the leading protagonist in Africa for such endeavours.

Start your application today - visit
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Monday, 4 April 2016

Italo Alves from Brazil is now a Schwarzman Scholar!

We are excited to hear get a note from Italo Alves all the way Brazil!

Italo is a young professional committed to increasing the participation of young people in politics and entrepreneurship as a strategy to identify and equip future leaders of Brazil. Read the note below:

"Hi Opportunity Desk Team! Just wanted to share with you that I'm thrilled to have been selected as a Schwarzman Scholar. I saw the announcement of the scholarship on this page and wanted to thank you. Take care!" - Italo Alves

A bit about the Schwarzman Scholars!
Schwarzman Scholars is a highly selective, one year Master’s degree program based at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s top academic institutions. Inspired by the Rhodes scholarship, it is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders for the geopolitical landscape of the 21st Century. The scholarship is fully-funded for all participants, including travel costs and a personal stipend.

Goodnews - The call for applications for the next Schwarzman Scholars Program is currently open - click here to learn more and apply.

We are so excited for you, Italo and wish you the best!

Have you been successful in any of your applications? Be an inspiration to others by sharing your story with us. Do keep us in the loop of activities as they unfold.
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Erondu Jude Chisom wins PfAL Scholarship to Study in London!

Join us to celebrate our OD Mentor- Erondu Jude Chisom!

"Finance was my biggest concern when I got accepted into the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to pursue a master’s degree in Development Studies. I had series of sleepless night searching for scholarships until my friend Zaidat Ibrahim, an Opportunity Desk team member, recommended and encouraged me to apply for the 2016/2017 Program for African Leadership (PfAL) Scholarship. Knowing the importance of attending a prestigious school such as LSE, I took Zaidat advise and applied. 10 Days later, I received an update of my application as a successful candidate for the scholarship.

My advice to anyone in search of scholarships such as PfAL is ensure you have the right credentials, a well edited personal statement, and possible ask your professor to look over your final documents before you submit.”

About PfAL
PfAL is a highly competitive scholarships, one year master's degree program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. LSE is one of the top ranked university in the United Kingdom. Inspired and supported by Firoz and Najma Lalji. The scholarship brings and gives bright African the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills. This scholarship covers tuition fees and living cost for the academic year, but each recipient would be assessed according to their financial need”

Details about PfAL here:

We are so excited for you, Erondu. Congratulations and wish you the best!

Have you been successful in any of your applications? Be an inspiration to others by sharing your story with us. Do keep us in the loop of activities as they unfold.
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Asmaa Elmessnaoui from Morocco selected for 7th UNAOC Global Forum in Baku

We are delighted to read this beautiful note from Asmaa Elmessnaoui all the way in Morocco! 

"Dear OD team,

I am really glad to be finally one of many who writes you to share news of their selection for a program posted on your Facebook page. I've been selected, with 150 others (out of 6000 applicants from all over the world), to participate in the 7th United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) Global Forum, which will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan from April 25th-27th 2016. The theme is "Social inclusion". 

I am a young founder and president of a Moroccan Local Association working to help our local community in every aspect we can. I thank you for your efforts to provide us with news of opportunities." 

Asmaa Elmessnaoui

We are so excited for you, and wish you the best!

Have you been successful in any of your applications? Be an inspiration to others by sharing your story with us. Do keep us in the loop of activities as they unfold.
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Meet Portia Dery - Winner of Several International Opportunities!

By Portia Dery

I am extremely excited to also share my success story with the Opportunity Desk (OD) Family! Opportunity Desk truly lives up to its name as a platform that connects young people to vital opportunities at the right time. My love affair with OD began in 2014 on Facebook, and since then, my life has been filled with amazing surprises.

Are you ready to enjoy some adventure? Then grab for yourself a warm cup of coffee!

Winning Golden Baobab Prize
In 2014, (just 11 days to my birthday!), I became the first Ghanaian to win the prestigious Golden Baobab Prize for Picture book. This exciting win got me interviewed on BBC Africa, Wall Street Journal magazine, Joy News-Ghana and numerous online platforms. And now in just a couple of months, my winning book will be published by Golden Baobab in partnership with the African Women’s Development Fund-AWDF.

Selected for Tech Camp Africa, British Council Blazing Trail Fellowship and more
I got selected for Tech Camp Africa held in Ghana, got shortlisted up to the semi-final level in Ghana for the Tigo Reach for Change competition and became a Blazing Trail Fellow of the British Council. In 2015, I got selected to take part in the first cohort for E-Learning Course on Management in Health organized by World Bank. It was an amazing learning opportunity.

Runner-up of Queens Young Leaders
Very recently I have been selected as a highly commended runner-up of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award by Her Majesty, the Queen. This is an initiative to celebrate and support young people from across the Commonwealth.

Selected for 7th UNAOC Global Forum
In addition, I have also been selected to participate in UNAOC’s 7th Global Forum to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 25-27 April 2016 with 150 others (out of 6000 applicants from all over the world).

Mandela Washington Fellow
What is more exciting now is that I have been selected to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship program taking place in the United States from June 17 - August 4, 2016. Looking forward to an amazing experience.

Opportunities I Failed At
The above stories may look very beautiful, but I have tried several opportunities and failed woefully as well. Opportunities such as the following:
  1. Global Good Fund (I made it to the 4th stage but failed to make the semi-finalist list)
  2. Echoing green (missed the final cut)
  3. Schwarzman Scholars Program
  4. African Entrepreneurship Award (got shortlisted but failed to make the final cut for the boot camp)
  5. GLG- Social Impact Fellowship
  6. Commonwealth Youth Awards For Excellence
  7. Pitch@Palace Africa (shortlisted but failed to make the final cut)
  8. Yenching Global Symposium 2016
  9. 2016 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme.
Lessons Learnt

Life is filled with amazing opportunities, the key to success is to keep trying and have the right attitude to failure. Since patronizing Opportunity Desk, I have applied to over 30 opportunities (even to those I knew I was not well qualified for. Since 2014, I have kept a track record of most of the applications I failed in; this keeps me motivated.

The trick to a successful and winning application is to keep failing. When you fail in other applications, it makes you stronger and better in future applications. Every application process strengthens you for the next one.

I am grateful to Opportunity Desk, but most importantly, I am very proud that it is an African Social Venture that has been able to produce quality eye-catching content for both the local and international consumption. We can proudly point to it and shout “hey, this is created in Africa for the world!”

About Portia

Portia Dery is a writer, a community worker and the Founder/Director of the African Youth Writers Organization-AYWO. In 2013, she dared to turn her passion for reading and writing into a social entrepreneurial venture with the aim of turning Africa into a reading continent. Her social venture currently runs an innovative literacy program dubbed “the funky readwrite clinic; the first of its kind in Ghana.

We are so excited for you, and wish you the best!

Have you been successful in any of your applications? Be an inspiration to others by sharing your story with us. Do keep us in the loop of activities as they unfold.
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Monday, 18 January 2016

The ABC Of Pitching Your Business

By Adepeju Jaiyeoba

As entrepreneurs, one of the first questions we get asked after our name is 'What do you do?' Often times, I have watched many try to put together pretty words on the spot, proceed to tell unrelated tales, lose attention until the person asking finally gives up all interest in ever finding out about the product and services we offer!

If there is one thing we need to be extremely excellent at as entrepreneurs, it is pitching articulately about our ideas, businesses, services and products! 
Here's my advice from my experience so far:

A. Have Different Versions of Your Pitch - So you can have 10 secs, 30 secs, one minutes or even five minutes to pitch your idea depending on the gathering or occasion. Just as you dress for the weather, do so for your pitch! Ensure you capture the essence of your work and why you do it within your pitch. A good pitch can help you build new relationships. I remember when I first met Mr. Tony Elumelu at the White House, his simple question, 'so what do you do?' and my response to him in 10secs determined whether we will keep the conversation going or not. Of course, we emoticnnn

B. Speak Passionately - if you don't believe in what you are selling, I'm not going to either! More often than not, investors give money to your person more than even your business idea. They need to know you care about the cause you are pursuing. Whether you are writing or talking about it, your passion must be obvious. You can start by asking yourself why you care and let your answer drive you when you speak about your work.

C. Maintain Eye Contact - No need to stare at a person's forehead, the tip of their nose or the wall behind them when speaking to them. (I've been in that shoe before 😀) Eye contact is key!

Anyone wants to try a one sentence pitch we can work on to make better?

About the Author
Adepeju Opeyemi Jaiyeoba (OD’s June YPOM ) is a Nigerian trained lawyer and founder of Brown Button Foundation, an NGO established to help curb the high mortality rates in Nigeria. She is a 2015 White House Emerging Global Entrepreneur and a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Applying for International Financial Aid: 5 Steps to Get You Started!

By StudySearch

Studying abroad can be an expensive venture but with financial aid, most international students offset the high costs and go on to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees abroad. There are thousands of scholarships, bursaries and student loans available for students from around the world. Here is how to maximize on these opportunities.

1. Research funding opportunities

Look up and write down all funding opportunities that are available for international students. This will enable you to make a checklist and a schedule for each opportunity. Ensure that you meet the eligibility and  that you are aware of the deadlines of each scholarship or loan. There are several scholarship websites that list this information down. Some scholarships favor students who have already acquired part of their fees, so consider applying for several partial scholarships at once.

Note: (Did you know that Study Search is giving away a $500 bursary? Click here to find out more)

2. Talk to your referees

Most scholarships ask for recommendation letters from your referees. These can be academic or professional or a combination of both. Have a chat with your referees, well before the due date, and discuss your academic goals, career objectives and where you are planning to study. This will give them a clear view of what to write in your recommendation letters. Make sure your referees are people who know you on a personal level and not just lecturers who would probably struggle to remember your name. Remember, a poor reference can cost you a financial aid.

3. Know the specifics of yours or your parents’ financial situation

While this may be a touchy topic, financial aid institutions may ask for your, your parents’ or guardians financial situation. This information is kept private and is just a way for the committee to determine if you really need financial aid. Have this information handy so that you don’t give the wrong information.

4. Prepare writing samples (if necessary)

Most scholarship committees ask that you provide an essay that details your academic and career objectives, as well as why you need a scholarship. This is a valuable opportunity to have your voice heard. These committees want to learn more about you, and what you are likely to do with your degree once you graduate. Make sure that you take adequate time to write the essay. You can even ask one (or all of your referees) to review it for you and to make sure that it is perfect.

5. Apply early

You can do all the preparation in the world, but if you miss a deadline, it is very unlikely that your application will even be considered. Make sure that you have all your documents ready before the due date and that your referees are aware of the deadline. We recommend having a schedule where you can set a deadline for preparing your essays and handing in your recommendation letters.



Are you looking for the easiest way to apply to universities abroad? Get help from top peer advisors. StudySearch is the simplest way for International students to apply to universities abroad. We connect International students with top peer advisors that have experience successfully studying abroad.

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