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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Opata Chibueze selected for the P&G International IDS Challenge in Germany

Congratulations to Opata Chibueze who got selected and sponsored to join the world's best students at the 2014 P & G International IDS Challenge in Frankfurt, Germany.

Here is how he recaps his experience;

"I learnt about the P & G International IDS Challenge in a funny way -- thanks to OpportunityDesk and Facebook Ticker; at a time I barely had time, I noticed a gossip saying my friend liked P & G International IDS Challenge page. Being the curious me, I decided to check it out, information about the competition and link to apply was on Facebook so it was simple to apply and took just a couple of minutes.

After the online test, I was invited for the reasoning test at Lagos where I met Ovie Newton for the first time. It was fun to meet a lot of smart students at the P & G office in Ikeja and I can’t easily forget the mixture of excitement and disappointment on our after the time-starved challenging test. Few of us scaled through the reasoning test which was typically followed by series of interviews before the final confirmation that I had been selected to represent Nigeria. It was really an exciting moment and everything else happened so fast.

We were divided into four teams of 6 people each from different regions in the world and assigned our first business case which we had to tackle virtually in order to present on the first day of the event (7th April). The event itself was fully action packed and our trainers a.k.a. The Magic Team kept us busy around the clock either solving business cases, learning new things, or having fun. It was a great privilege and honor to be among the world’s best students during the event and I must confess the event very much exceeded my expectations. I was exposed to the P & G values and principles and learnt a lot about IDS and Business Intelligence.

The business cases exposed us to real life IDS problems as well as how to solve them. We had coach feedback sessions after the presentation of the solution by the IDS Challenge Trainer’s team and these sessions were priceless to our individual personal improvement. Personally, I learnt a lot about myself and how to work better in team by letting people around me know how I prefer to work as well as listening and understanding the perspective of others. Overall the experience was heavily immersive and I got to also learn a lot about working in P & G. Even if nothing else, I learnt that diversity and innovation is something you can be guaranteed of in P & G. we were privileged to dine with top managers and directors in P & G who gave us a lot of insight about work-life-fun combination inside P & G.

It is an experience I will like to go through again any day, any time, any moment and I’m really glad for every single person who made it come true. The International IDS Challenge is something I would really recommend for every student who is privileged enough to hear about the challenge and even if I cannot guarantee of anything, I can assure it will not be an experience easily forgotten.

And to Grace and all the Opportunity Desk crew, all I can say is, keep the flag flying, you never know how many you can actually touch but it’s certainly more than the number in the group."

- Opata Chibueze

Well done Chibueze and we hope to hear more success stories from you all.

Remember, opportunities keep knocking, but it's our conscious choice to say, "HEY, IT'S YOU, COME RIGHT IN"!

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