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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to Win a Scholarship: 3 Steps to Boost your Essay

I begin by letting you know that I have been a beneficiary of multiple scholarships and I thank God for His grace.

Many of us young people dream to win a scholarship to pursue higher education in our own countries or abroad. While there are many platforms for finding scholarship opportunities like ‘’, scholarship application remains a ‘tough competition’ to many of us.  I will discuss a few tips to boost your Essay when making scholarship application.

Boosting your Essay

1. Subject

In scholarship application, Essay is a piece of writing that describes a particular or specific subject whether academic, description of a particular life event, personal motivations or characteristics. Most scholarships will provide you with a subject or a guide.

2. Essay Structure

While the personal statement and essay may share the similar structure of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, they differ in content. When writing an essay please take note of ALL the given instructions or guidelines.
Content development: Don’t expect your first essay to be perfect! So write it early enough and give yourself time to go through it over and over to develop your content, perfect it and come up with your best thoughts.

3. Choice of words and terms

You should employ more technical terms and cite specific quotes or statistics if necessary to show your experience of broad knowledge of the subject you are writing about. Do not fear to prove what you know!
Overall checks and balances: Check for overall length, structure, sentence flow and tone before you rest your case.

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Remember if you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to do so below this post. Share this with all the people in your network. you never can tell who needs it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Douglas Owino

Douglas holds a Bachelors in International Business Administration (Hons) from US International University (Kenya) and an MBA – International Business in South Korea. He is a Global Changemaker with British Council, Certified Youth Peer Educator, Peace Ambassador, Scholarship Adviser and a Mentor to high school pupils. He previously worked for I Choose Life-Africa (NGO) and Kenya Commercial Bank Group.

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