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Sunday, 7 December 2014

How to Win a Scholarship: 4 Steps to Boost your Application Form

I begin by letting you know that I have been a beneficiary of multiple scholarships and I thank God for His grace.

Many of us young people dream to win a scholarship to pursue higher education in our own countries or abroad. While there are many platforms for finding scholarship opportunities like ‘’, scholarship application remains a ‘tough competition’ to many of us.  I will discuss a few tips to boost your package when making scholarship application.

Boosting your Application when Filling the Form

1. Accurately complete the application

Fill the form appropriately and avoid filling misspellings. Do not leave blanks unless it’s optional and only where necessary, especially check marks such as [*] for mandatory questions. Do not mistake to fill ‘official use only’. Follow instructions such as ‘fill in with BLACK BLOCK letters’ if applicable. Minimum or no errors shows your accuracy and keenness while handling critical and detailed tasks.

2. Answer the Question Being Asked

Failure to directly answer the questions being asked only hurt your chances of obtaining a scholarship. Other than providing standard information like your name, age, address, answer open-ended questions with ultimate care.

3. Know Yourself

Other than your strengths, know other facts like the groups group you belong to. For instance, are you of a minority race? This is because some scholarships only target some particular groups of candidates and you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity. The more you full understanding yourself the better you are in answering more open ended questions with depth.

4. Carefully proofread

Proofread your application form again and again to clear errors. Type your application but if you must hand write, make sure that your handwriting is legible. Due to large number of scholarship applicants, the sponsorship committee may not have enough time to struggle decoding messy handwriting. They are likely to discard your application if they cannot read or understand.

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Remember if you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to do so below this post. Share this with all the people in your network. you never can tell who needs it.



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