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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Habit and Value of Small Wins by Josoft


Researchers tell us that almost 50% of our daily lives are made of habitual activities. Habits are more important than the goals we set; this is true because the phenomenon that helps us achieve our goals – willpower or motivation, is a fickle thing that comes and goes without warning. On the contrary, habits and learning how to form daily habits are the nucleus of sustainable personal development and behavioral change.

The habit of small wins is thus a colossus of two ideas. First, 'small wins' is about making progress in meaningful work. Second, the habit deals with sticking to it every day till mastery is gained. Progress as a habit is what will take you to the top. For an example, look no further than the well documented story of multiple Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps. Phelps is a mental swimmer – his daily habits put him ahead before he even shows up at the pool.

Progress will be tough, if it does not first happen in small steps. And here lies the problem. Many people have a very difficult time starting from a very small, small step. The value of small steps though is that they galvanize us to bigger steps. Small wins incremented lead to big gains, and most importantly, these small wins create a ripple effect that produces more small wins. Each genuine small win creates a mounting sense of victory – which is often all you need going any battlefield or competitive space.


If there is nothing worthwhile that you can do with ease, then you need to practice the habit of small wins to gain a life-worthy or pay-worthy skill. To get you started, have a trigger (external cue or call to action) that sets you up. The trigger should delve you into a routine (reading, exercise, etc) within a short time (5 minutes maximum). Then the reward will come if you focus enough on your routine.

If you are failing at imbibing a habit, it might be that you are taking big strides at a time. The secret to progress is in taking small steps, because then, you have a lot of wins to your name each day.

About the Author: Joshua Ihejiamaizu is the co-founder of NIXIT, the company responsible for HealthMobile, an android based healthcare app, and other healthcare and IT initiatives. Joshua has also founded the offline content creation and managemet company, B-Y Consult. He is a Writer, Engineer and ICT Expert in the making! He blogs at Josoft Blog, where he connects, enlightens, and inspires people of different backgrounds and thought processes in Nigeria, with some deep thoughts and perspectives. Follow on Twitter via @joshuaiheji

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