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Friday, 30 January 2015

Top 7 Self-Promotion Ideas to Work Around With

The information age has graduated from industrial machines to the internet revolution, which has created massive opportunities for self-publishing and making your work or voice matter.

However, it is easier to get lost than it is to be found in this mesmerizing age of information overload. But assuming you are creating work that matters and want to get more eyes on it – to pay or to applaud, here are seven ideas to work around with:

1) Leverage Partnerships and Collaborations: Someone else already has the platforms that you need – a strong marketing team, social media audience, sales outlets or business directory listing. It is your duty to seek the right ones, partner with them and be ready to significantly enhance the business of your partner. Going solo all the time will limit your reach, pay and perhaps the effectiveness of your message.

Example – A spa service provider just starting out decides to partner with a hotel, using one of their rooms to provide services to travelers, as against opening her own shop right away.

2) Sponsor Events: In order words, do everything to get your brand seen. It may not cost as much as you think. It may be a client’s event or a charitable event. What counts is that you are building trust by associating with the right people and the right causes.

Example – An education Start-Up decides to jointly sponsor a UNICEF award or effort to solve a problem in their local community.

3) Improve your Online Visibility: Rent someone’s Facebook cover page to advertise; place a helpful side deck on your line of business on Slideshare; let working professionals in your area know about you through LinkedIn; share pictures of your work (watermarked though) on Flicker; engage your brad in a twitter #hashtag discussion related to your business; ensure to create a website – WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Socialgo, OnePager are a few drag and drop tools that you can use to put yourself online.

Example – A web hosting provider posts a slide deck on how to choose the best hosting provider for your website, on Slideshare, and shares it to LinkedIn.

4) Use Limited Offers: Post your offer to deal sites (such as OLX) that will list your deal at the top of their webpage to get you early customers, while their pay comes from the calls you get. Note that this is only effective when you are prepared to take a slight cost in order to win your first few customers.

Example – A soup delivery Start-Up in Lagos, Nigeria decides to post a 30% discount on price of soup bowls on Dealdey, and gets 30 loyal customers from the first week.

5) Free Brand Materials: Don’t forget to stamp your logo on a nice little product that your clients probably use every day, and deliver as gift items during appropriate times.

Example – You can brand mugs, notepads and pens.

6) Purchase Word of Mouth: Have people who go where your potential clients or customers are, work for you under a fixed reward system that may not be financial.

Example – Unilever has campus ambassadors that sell the uniqueness of some of their products to students, in return for travel opportunities or free product packages depending on the number on conversions.

7) Use Forums and Communities: Any place where people ask lots of questions and discuss a myriad of issues online is a good place to immerse your brand by addressing issues and offering solutions through your business without being a spam.

Examples - Channels like Quora and News website comment pages are  a good place to start.

About the AuthorJoshua Ihejiamaizu is the co-founder of NIXIT, the company responsible for HealthMobile, an android based healthcare app, and other healthcare and IT initiatives. Joshua has also founded the offline content creation and managemet company, B-Y Consult. He is a Writer, Engineer and ICT Expert in the making! He blogs at Josoft Blog, where he connects, enlightens, and inspires people of different backgrounds and thought processes in Nigeria, with some deep thoughts and perspectives. Follow on Twitter via @joshuaiheji

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