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Friday, 27 February 2015

Grabbing the Right Int'l Opportunity: 4 Things to Note!

Have you ever watched many of the young people around you travel from one country to another, attending several international programs (training programs, conferences, forums…), establishing strong bonds with persons from the four corners of the planet ; and wondered how they made it?

Well, in this article, I will share with you the highlights of what I learnt during the past ten years; since I have been blessed to be part of miscellaneous international programs.

1. You have to start with joining an international Network.

Trust me, it is hard to do it by yourself: if you are reading my article then you are in the right place. You are so lucky to be part of the Opportunity Desk‘s FAMILY. You can find the high spots here but still do not be lazy and search for more; you can contribute on enriching the content of this blog.  Sharing is a key, start doing it and you will be impressed by the others’ responses.

2. The second main point is to be honest with yourself.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses other than your budget. You have to admit the fact that some of the opportunities out there are beyond your potential ‘for now’ or not within your field of speciality. In other words, you will neither bring too much to the people you will meet nor learn from them in a productive way. In such circumstances, you have to step away, and it is fine. There will be something else.

3. Once you find the opportunity that perfectly fits you, by deeply reading the application requirements and obviously its main topic, take the time to fill the application: NEVER EVER RUSH.

Ask your closest friends about their opinions; make research even if you think you have enough information about the topic, after all, enough is never enough.

4. Do not forget that it is a competition and thousands may apply. So, you have to BE OUTSTANDING.

Never underestimate yourself, do your best and never give up even if you might be rejected many times. Keep trying, you have no idea how much you will learn during the whole process.

Best of Luck!



Sabrine Hamdi is a Tunisian dentist. She followed her studies in the Faculty of Dentistry in Monastir. For over ten years, she took part of several international programs whether with UNAOC, Peace Child International or the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament among others. She is an alumna of both the UNESCO Chair and the MEPI program. Besides, she committed herself to various social service activities at the national and international levels. Find here on Facebook.

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