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Friday, 13 February 2015

How to Dress for Excellence: Get Ready to Get Hired!

As we seek opportunities from this Desk, sooner or later we may be unable to escape a hand-to-hand combat with prospective hirers (I mean a face-to-face job interview) and as such it is important that we make a good first impression.

The first impression you make often depends on what you are wearing. Many times, you have hear the statements “Dress the way you want to be addressed” or 
dress like the interviewers

Although that is good, I rather recommend that job hunters ‘Dress for Excellence”.

Here are few tips I gathered from professional recruiters and hirers:
  1. Dress in the Best Clothes you have, no exceptions.
  2. Guys, there are only two colors when it comes to suits: navy blue and charcoal gray. Brown suits could make you look ferocious as a bear, and black suits is for ushers.
  3. Black shoes with matching black socks fit best. Please do not wear white socks with black shoes. I guess you can imagine you will look like a 5th grader.
  4. Tattoos should be covered if you do have them at all.
  5. Ladies, modest business attire buttoned appropriately will be just perfect. Exposing certain body parts could send a wrong message to a male hirer and a wrong impression to a female hirer.
  6. Finally, it’s great to wear perfumes and jewelry but these should be kept to a minimum. Only a pair of earrings should be worn and perfumes should be mild so as to avoid transforming the beautiful interview session to an intensive choking competition.

These few tips could fetch you that dream job! Get ready to get HIRED!!!


Juliet is a young and emerging Marketer and Changemaker who seeks to empower young people with employability skills. She is the founder of IYDEA, a project aimed at enhancing the quality of life of youths with disabilities. She is a State Department International Exchange Alumni and Ashoka's Youth Venturer. Contact her

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