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Saturday, 30 May 2015

"I've learnt to think globally, beyond my local understanding." - Highlights from the Chat with Victoria Ibiwoye

If you missed the Facebook Live Chat with the Opportunity Desk May Young Person of the Month, then this summary will help you catch up on all that happened!

Victoria Ibiwoye is the May 2015 Young Person of the Month - a 21-year-old youth leader from Nigeria who is currently pursuing a Law degree at the prestigious University of Ibadan. She is the founder of the OneAfricanChild Initiative. During the chat, she shared her views on Youth Development, Education and dished out strategies to help you can prepare yourself ahead to be selected for great opportunities around the world.

Find below, excerpts from the chat:

Magne Rosy: Hello Victoria, what inspired you to start One-Africa Child?

Victoria Ibiwoye;
Hi Magne smile emoticon , I was inspired by the need to fill a need in my community. I wanted to invest in the lives of children so that they can grow to be the best for the world.

Babajide Oluwase: Hi Victoria, how best do you think inexperienced individuals can go about preparing solid applications for international opportunities, especially in cases where experiences are required.

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Experience is not an event, it is a life-long process. Once I was in-experience, even now, I am still learning. My advice to keep on learning new thing, acquiring more knowledge within and out of school. This internet has made it so easy to access materials and connect with young people who are better experienced. My advice is to make the best of everyday - How we spend our day is how we eventually spend our lives.

Fashola Samson: Hi Victoria! I had been nominated twice for international opportunities, IsfiT & TAVRIDA precisely. But visa denial stood as a stumbling block against my attendance. Please, what systematic way(s) had you adopted in obtaining visa for international events?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Hello Fashola, sorry about that. One of my friends once experienced the same. In order avoid this, I recommend that you find out about the embassy where you'll apply for visa, get all required documents ahead of time and contact your sponsors to contact the embassy on your behalf before visiting. This helps. Remember to be polite and comply with necessary instructions while at the embassy. If you have to go through an interview session, search online for possible questions and prepare well ahead of time. Above all, pray smile emoticon I wish you all the best with future opportunities.

Zaidat N. Ibrahim: Tell us a bit about One-Africa Child and how you got inspired to start this initiative?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
One African Child started as a dream. I am passionate about helping children discover their potientials. I was inspired by young people from around the world who are making huge differences in very little ways. I simply wanted the children of my community to aspire to be different so I started to educate and empower them first.

Magne Rosy: What gives you the daily motivation? When feel tired, or when you do not have energy, what keeps you going?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Magne Rosy, I started with the little I had. I started to inspire children to be great, I shared with them some of my old books to read. I shared this event on Facebook and got more people to support me. Because the initiative moved from "me" to "we", it is today, more sustainable.

Fashola Samson: Majority of international opportunities require you take care of your transportation to and fro. Please, how do you source for your Airfare as a Youth with little or no income?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
True. You can crowfund. Check more about this online. You can as well write to Governmental/ Non-governmental bodies for support. If you plan to use any of these options, please start early.

Zaidat N. Ibrahim: How do you deal with rejections? And what’s your advice for people who received rejections from opportunities they applied after a rigorous application process?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Hi Zaidat, truth is, it hurts to be rejected. However, what matters is not how we feel but how we handle it. For me, I see this as an opportunity to improve. This mindset has really helped me to build better applications for the right programmes. I advice young people to continuing improving on themselves, this reduces the chances of being rejected. prepare ahead for what is to come.

Magne Rosy: What do you think are winning arguments, what can we do to have all the chances on our side, when we apply for international trainings?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
To have winning arguments when applying for international trainings:
For international trainings, I have learnt to think from a globally, beyond my local understanding. For such applications, we must be aware of the competitiveness & work towards having a distinct application. Take time to research about the programme, why you really want to apply and what you hope to acheive. This helps in defining why you should be considered as a good candidate. You must also be willing to accept that not all applications suits your qualification.

Wiem Askri: What is your advice for a successful interview, I got accepted to some opportunities but then in the interview process I get rejected. what do you think is the best way to prepare for this!

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Prepare ahead. I normally research about the organisation/theme of the event I am applying for before I apply, after I apply, if I get selected, the research continues in preparation towards the event. you can also try to connect with past participants and learn from them. This helps!

Jude D'genius Ogar: Victoria Ibiwoye how can young people who have nothing actually affect lives?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
There is always something great within us. God did not creat us empty. We can make use of our gifts/talents/skills/knowledge to affect lives positively.

Chrissy Michael: Hello Victor,do you think that the government have done enough to combat these challenge the young people are witnessing today by being rejected during the application of Visa process. If yes, how?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Chrissy, it's really disappointing that we are limited in visiting countries of our choice. We need to channel our challenges in calling for call for the right leadership. These are issues that we must continue to bring the attention of our leaders to. If we keep trying, maybe someday, you and I won't need a visa to visit the country of our choice.

Mohamed Abozaid: In your opinion, what  do we need generally for development?

Victoria Ibiwoye:
For development, we need Peace. There is no development without peace & there is no peace without development. Peace and development are like two sides of the same coin and that involves the collective effort of every citizen, culture and religion.

Magne Rosy:
How do you think we can encourage youths to achieve social positive change? Espacially those in rural communities who do not see any any hope for a better future, in our african countries?

Fasoranti Fash Damilola:
The rural community especially needs most of us in the city, same way most of us in the city needs the rural communities to survive. The biggest encouragement for today's youth is a personal inside energy to see a better world. On another side, nothing will change darkness if we don't strike the first match. Success stories from youths doing amazing stuffs in rural communities is enough to get us running.

Omozojie Aigbogun: Hello Victoria, I am a member of Samuel Counselling Corner and founder Youthful and Powerful.. I have a passion to motivate youths and teens towards academic achievement and one way we do this is by donation of books by Ben Carson and other authors but funding has been a major issue. How do you deal with funding in ur area of expertise?? 2) How do you combine what you do with your studies....Thanks and wish you all the best....Thanks opportunity desk

Victoria Ibiwoye:
I am proud of what you are doing to make a difference. For funding, we have written to individuals and organisations who might be interested in our work. You may try the same, it is best to write to organisations/companies in line with your project. Combining school work with my organisation's activities has taught me about planing. I had had to plan strategically how to spend my day. This is easier said than done, we need to be disciplined and learn to strike a balance.

Chrissy Michael: Finally Victoria, how can the youth prepare themselves with the advance technologies at their disposal in other to be relevance in this digital world today.

Victoria Ibiwoye:
Hello Chrissy, young people must go the extra mile to acquire relevant skills needed for the 21st century. Without acquiring knowledge, there is no way to maximise what we already have because it looks difficult. Our problem is not necessarily access to opportunities but what to do with these opportunities. We as youths must constantly work to develop competences that will help us become better leaders today and tomorrow.


Chrissy Michael Victoria: Thank you for a job well done by attending to all the questions.God bless you. Up #OD
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Magne Rosy: Thank you very much Opportunity Desk. I got very useful tips for the future from this chat.

Victoria Ibiwoye: Thank you Opportunity Desk for such a unique platform as this. Dear young leaders, I wish I could answer all your questions, feel free to connect with me on Twitter. Together, we can achieve more.

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