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Friday, 29 May 2015

BUILT TO LAST: Keys to Building Strong Network Relationships

Many of us know that as youths, it is important that we network properly with the people we meet everyday in school and on campus. This is true because your success can sometimes be influenced by who you know.

The problem though for most youths is how to find a balance in such relationships with other youths of very different backgrounds, temperaments, lifestyles, beliefs and thinking processes. Below are five keys that will help you.

This is paramount and very sensitive. Don’t appear in a way that’ll make people take you for less than you are. Someone once said that people will first see you before they hear you. So, be devoted to excellence in your dressing and make up. Also, always wear a smile or at least a cheerful look; it will make people feel they are around a successful person.

Never highlight your accomplishments except when you are asked to or when the need arises. People really don’t like to be around those they feel have overtaken them in life. You remain an accomplisher whether or not you trumpet it. Also, don’t have proud looks.

What you say, how you say it and when you say it can be as damaging as it can be very helpful. You can use your worlds to strengthen a weakening relationship and you can as well use them to crumble a good relationship. So, be careful. Also try as much as possible to be calm and very fluent when you speak.

Arguments always come up that expose differences in beliefs, morals and temperaments. So, if a relationship is beneficial to you and you don’t want any of the above to come in the way, then learn to focus your efforts on finding common grounds and areas on which you agree, rather than focusing on what tears you apart or your differences. Like Barak Obama once put it, “The bonds that hold us together are more potent than the forces that divide us”.

Learn to praise people for the smart things they do. Don’t praise them at their back but right before them and openly. Appreciate them for what they have been through and for how far they have come. Be generous enough to do that and people will always love to be around you.


(Joshua is an Electronic and Electrical Engineering student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, a speaker and an author of a best-selling book. This short but loaded piece would inspire you to adjust your attitude and build a strong network relationship with others).

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