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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Melissa Cara Marie from Canada selected for Women Deliver's Young Leaders Fellowship Program

Melissa Cara Marie writes from Canada to share her success story with us. She is one of the 200 youth leaders selected for the Women Deliver's three-year Young Leaders Fellowship Program and Scholarship to attend the 2016 Conference in Denmark.

Read more about her below:

I'm Melissa from Toronto, Canada. I am one of the 200 young people selected for the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. I currently work in government research/statistics. My background is in women's development, specifically human rights and freedoms within the context of international law. I'm also passionate about youth advocacy and engaging young people in development. 

I'm really excited about this three year fellowship and to be given the opportunity to make meaningful change with other young leaders from all over the world. Thank you to Opportunity Desk for making me aware of this fellowship and for prioritizing youth!

Find what you are passionate about and follow that passion endlessly. It is always worth the risk."

- Melissa Cara Marie

Thank you Melissa, for writing to us and sharing your story. Best wishes.

Have you been successful in any of your applications? Be an inspiration to others by sharing your story with us. Do keep us in the loop of activities as they unfold.

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