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Monday, 18 January 2016

The ABC Of Pitching Your Business

By Adepeju Jaiyeoba

As entrepreneurs, one of the first questions we get asked after our name is 'What do you do?' Often times, I have watched many try to put together pretty words on the spot, proceed to tell unrelated tales, lose attention until the person asking finally gives up all interest in ever finding out about the product and services we offer!

If there is one thing we need to be extremely excellent at as entrepreneurs, it is pitching articulately about our ideas, businesses, services and products! 
Here's my advice from my experience so far:

A. Have Different Versions of Your Pitch - So you can have 10 secs, 30 secs, one minutes or even five minutes to pitch your idea depending on the gathering or occasion. Just as you dress for the weather, do so for your pitch! Ensure you capture the essence of your work and why you do it within your pitch. A good pitch can help you build new relationships. I remember when I first met Mr. Tony Elumelu at the White House, his simple question, 'so what do you do?' and my response to him in 10secs determined whether we will keep the conversation going or not. Of course, we emoticnnn

B. Speak Passionately - if you don't believe in what you are selling, I'm not going to either! More often than not, investors give money to your person more than even your business idea. They need to know you care about the cause you are pursuing. Whether you are writing or talking about it, your passion must be obvious. You can start by asking yourself why you care and let your answer drive you when you speak about your work.

C. Maintain Eye Contact - No need to stare at a person's forehead, the tip of their nose or the wall behind them when speaking to them. (I've been in that shoe before 😀) Eye contact is key!

Anyone wants to try a one sentence pitch we can work on to make better?

About the Author
Adepeju Opeyemi Jaiyeoba (OD’s June YPOM ) is a Nigerian trained lawyer and founder of Brown Button Foundation, an NGO established to help curb the high mortality rates in Nigeria. She is a 2015 White House Emerging Global Entrepreneur and a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow.

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